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Twenty two || Damn Brat || Butterball

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RP cont with Yuki


Shuichi’s hips slowly rolled and dig themselves into Yuki’s own mesmerizing body, deepening the thrusts as well as the moment. He parted his lips to the older man, his tongue sliding forth, caressing Yuki’s and suckling on his bottom lip. “Yu…ki…” He moaned into the sweetness, the water hitting his back, feeling as if he could feed each and every drop. Everything all at once, he felt close, near his own end, but he held on tight, wanting to let the event last as long as it could.

The blond knew his lover was holding back. Which was more then he could say from when they first met. Still he was enjoying the slow ‘love making’ as his brat would call it. Looking at his lover when he moaned his name the man could only growl softly as he took that tongue and made good use of his skill’s as he reached deeper into him. His hips slowly gaining speed as he needed to fill him. Breaking their lips Yuki panted hard as the water’s steam started getting to him. “Shuichi… Fuck cum with me.” He said as he held him closer and reached between them. Pumping his lover as he moved.


Kotani Kinya | Blind Game Again

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